We were referred by our client’s interior designer to design a large walk-in closet after a major home remodel.


CASE STUDY - Fieldcrest Court



THE RESULT? The entire room was flooded with natural light. Floor-to-ceiling shoe storage with adjustable shelves now provided enough space for both his and her shoes. Our client was thrilled to gain additional storage throughout and have it fit seamlessly with the aesthetic of the rest of their home.

…and a custom handbag cabinet showcased her designer handbag collection.

Semi-custom trays stored jewelry beautifully…

A discrete floor-to-ceiling vertical pull-out lined with suede was created to store belts and jewelry.

Efficient floor-to-ceiling cabinets added additional storage and made for a cleaner look. 

SOLUTION: We completely reworked the layout and storage elements. We extended the island and raised its height, swapped the upper cabinets for a beautiful, functional wooden countertop, and added handbag storage along an unused wall.

There was not enough shoe storage and the non-adjustable slanted shelves did not store shoes well.

Vertical storage was not maximized and the permanent hanging rods were placed too low.

The current jewelry drawers made it difficult to find the days' adornments.

Without adequate storage, her beautiful handbags could not live comfortably in the cabinet.

What’s more, it blocked the natural light from three windows, making it hard to see throughout the entire space.

CHALLENGE: Our client had a large walk-in closet that simply wasn’t working. A substantial center island with upper storage cabinets didn’t actually store inventory well, despite its large size. 

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