A retired fireman and contractor, Duncan wanted his garage to fit the way his life looks today—and accommodate his two family cars for the first time in decades.





...including 40 years of tools, nuts and bolts.

We helped him part with the rest, making sure it was recycled and disposed of responsibly through our certified-green recycling partner.

Within two days, we'd edited and organized all of the items and Duncan removed the old cabinetry.

Duncan felt strongly that everything should live a second life, a philosophy we at Organizeology fervently agree with. He sold and gave away his valuable items.

SOLUTION:  We started by taking everything out… 

CHALLENGE: Even though Duncan was a seasoned contractor, when dealing with his own home, he didn't know where to start.

After the garage was painted, the floors coated in epoxy, the lighting updated and Organizeology custom cabinetry was installed, we organized the items in a way that'll let Duncan easily keep things in place for years to come.

The empty nook created a great space to build the bulk of the cabinets.

THE RESULT? A fantastically organized garage that contains all of the items Duncan currently needs and uses including his cars—in an easy-to-find manner that looks as good as it functions.

 Well done, Duncan! (another happy Organizeology client)

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