Our clients were in the process of adding a primary bedroom onto their home, which included a nice walk-in closet for both to share.

Situation: The new closet had to accommodate not only clothing, but a laundry hamper, the home’s electronics system, a floor heater vent that couldn’t be moved, and a space for the wife to do her hair and makeup.

Solution: We designed a deceptively simple closet that met all of the couple’s needs. We created a hair and makeup station, with outlets and an adjacent large mirror. In addition, a ceiling ventilation system was added to counter the heat from the blow dryer and circulate the air in the room. We placed a full-length mirror on each side of the door in accordance with how our client performed her daily hair and makeup routine. The tall enclosed cabinet hid a hamper and folded clothing. We then went about maximizing every inch of storage, “hiding” the household electronics at the very top shelf of the shoe cabinet so as not to take up precious real estate below. We tricked out the closet with key accessories that add functionality: tie rack, belt rack and the incredibly functional extending valet rod.

Design details: white melamine cabinets, double-mirrored door, room ventilation, polished chrome hanging rods and accessories, client-selected knobs from Anthropologie.

This project was photographed by 312 Creative.

Project scope: Designed the primary closet and managed the installation.


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