After a major home renovation, our clients in Los Altos, CA wanted to round out the project with an updated garage.

Situation: Our clients’ garage wasn’t working for this family of five. Not only did it need to hold the usual items that garages do, but this young family wanted it to be a fun, inviting space for art/crafting, playing sports, and hosting kid parties. When it came to adding storage, our forward-thinking clients asked to plan for the garage to be able to accommodate a car when their kids started to drive.

Solution: The space gave us a great starting place. It already had beautiful windows and a wooden ceiling beam for a very home-like feel. The walls were painted, the concrete floor was stained and sealed and custom cabinets were installed. We selected a wall of rolling metal racks for additional storage, which can easily be moved to make space for a car. The Organizeology team moved them back in with great efficiency and used large labels for easy identification. The key to the project was giving every function its own “zone.” The family favorite is the “kid zone” complete with sports equipment, craft supplies and decorated with artwork created by the kids themselves.

Design details: white melamine custom cabinets, butcher block counter, industrial rolling metal shelves, maple slatwall for gardening tools and sports equipment, pull-out drawers in cabinets, new paint, stained and sealed concrete floor.

This project was photographed by Dick Hixson.

Project scope: Designed the garage. Managed the remodel and organized our client back in.

Mora Drive

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