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Big ideas in store for your storage.

Most organizing companies don’t have the expertise to offer custom storage design. We do and we love it.

We’ve been designing closets and garages for more than 10 years. Whether it’s designing a custom cabinet to feature your handbag collection, hiding your personal safe, or creating floor-to-ceiling storage units for your supply room, we’re ready to help you.

We start by asking questions—and lots of them. What do you like about this space and what would you like to change? What items do you use all the time? Who uses this space? How many people are likely to be in here at once? Then, we’ll work with your contractor or recommend one of our vendors to put together the perfect solution for your storage needs.

Common areas we work on include:
Closets (from tiny to gigantic)

Business & Commercial
Supply rooms
Inventory rooms
Storage units